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Roseline Koener

As an artist, Roseline is passionate by the creative process of emergence and the
magical powers of colors. For her, colors are like sounds; painting is music. Senegal, Mali,
Mauritania, India, Japan and Mexico have been great sources of inspiration: rhythms,
sounds, colors and patterns. Through the blissful practice of Sufi whirling, Roseline has
opened a new dimension of movement with her brushes and colors.
A sense of infinite space in motion immersed her body, heart and paintings.
Her paintings have been exhibited in the US, Canada, Mexico, Belgium, France, the
Netherlands, Sweden, and Honk Kong.
As a creative educator, Roseline invites individuals to explore and unveil their original
beauty and infinite potentialities by using creative tools. She encourages people to listen
to and follow their inspirations, intuitions and deep conscience. Roseline has developed
and facilitated workshops and training programs in the USA, Hong Kong, Belgium, Italy and Canada.



At Pine Street Creative Lab, we support the actualization of each individual’s creative mission of the heart through collective action.

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