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Patti Robinson

Her early love for collage led to her senior thesis collage installation and her Art History thesis on the collage artist Joseph Cornell. After graduation she worked for the Cornell estate archiving source materials which became the basis for the Joseph Cornell Study Center at the Archives of American Art. 
Her current work has a distinctive Bauhaus geometric sense of design with a mid -century modern palette. She completes each piece in one sitting because it’s a very effective way to keep her intuition, spontaneity and playfulness in the driver’s seat. Her motivation is primarily to translate an internal moment into an external one. The rawness of the randomly cut and torn edges of the paper, along with the thick application of paint, contrasts with the formal geometry to create a satisfying juxtaposition of order and chaos.
She has exhibited her collage work nationally & internationally — but her favorite place to show her work is Instagram because of the incredible community there. Her work has been featured in many national and international publications including: Kolaj Magazine (US), Contemporary Collage magazine (UK), Collazine (Italy), The Paris Collage Collective, Stuvv Magazine (Hong Kong). 



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