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Dominique Meninas

De Cock taught life drawing classes at various Brussels academies while working as a set designer in Belgium, Germany and Den Haag and designing wallpaper and fabrics for Arte Belgium.
Moving to the USA in the early 1990s, de Cock continued her career in stage and costume design for several theater companies and co-founded Ninbark International, Environmental Concepts, a collective of artists engaged in Land Art.

She translated her theater and costume design experience into the fine arts by creating garment-like sculptures out of tissue paper. 
She created ocean-themed installations that reflect her career-long exploration of our relationship with time, memory, and nature. These days, her focus has shifted to the land: the trees and forests threatened by drought and wildfire. With the installation “Offerings” she celebrates the Tree in the context of the proposed new international ecocide law. In “Tapestries of Light”, she reflects on how trees give us true light by sheltering us in their fleeting shadows. 



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