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Claudia Tordini

Claudia’s vision is one of humanity experiencing life through mind, heart and body connected and in harmony. Her mission is to help individuals and organizations bridge the gap between knowing this and becoming it.
Claudia's research on art and learning won her the Faculty Award for Outstanding Academic Achievement in the Organizational Dynamics Program at the University of Pennsylvania. In her winning project, Claudia proposed a model of using art as an experiential learning process. She continues to expand her research to apply art and creativity to more domains of learning.
Claudia has pioneered a powerful model using art and creative expression in her role as an executive coach and organizational consultant. She brings together her background in business, art and creativity to provide consulting services on family wealth and inheritance planning, team building and leadership development. 
Claudia is a member of the affiliated faculty of Organizational Dynamics at the University of Pennsylvania. She teaches courses that use art as a tool to develop Emotional Intelligence Relational Skills. She also facilitates art-based courses in the Arlington Public School System and other organizations including Embracing Diversity, Equity and Inclusion through the Arts. She launched a one-year Leadership Development through Art Program with a cohort of mid-career professionals through Appanage LLC.
Claudia has a Master of Philosophy in Organizational Dynamics at the University of Pennsylvania with a concentration in Organizational Consulting and Executive Coaching. She holds an MBA from the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School with a concentration in Human Resources and Strategy. She was awarded her BS in Industrial Engineering from the University of Buenos Aires, Argentina.



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