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Cati Van Milders

In 1989 she was commissioned to paint in Antwerp, Belgium a 30 x 20 foot permanent mural installation of Times Square with life-size sculptures.
In the 1990’s her focus shifted to her inner world. Through meditation and a therapeutic approach called hypno-introspection, spontaneous drawings, prints, collages and clay works revealed unconscious messages. Her work became increasingly inspired by her spiritual quest, and her desire to find freedom of the anthropocentric attention to the dissolution of the separate identity. The mandala-like paintings reflect the light and energy she feels when her mind is still and she feels spacious. The landscape paintings intend to express and share that sense of space and oneness that the simple act of being in nature brings.  
The uncertainties of  Covid has thrust her into the unfamiliar territory of abstraction.
Cati has had exhibits in Belgium, and in galleries and museums on the East End of Long Island


At Pine Street Creative Lab, we support the actualization of each individual’s creative mission of the heart through collective action.

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