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Bourcart immigrated to the United States and has called New York, specifically Harlem her home since 2006. She grew up in Alsace (the Germanic region of Eastern France) and identifies as French with Vietnamese heritage.

Souraya Guindo was born and raised in Damascus (Syria).
She studied fine arts in high school and at the Institute of Fine Arts and graduated from Baghdad University Institute of Fine Arts in graphic design.

Patti Robinson is an artist working primarily in abstract painted collage. She has a BFA in Art and Art History from Arcadia University.

Cati Van Milders is a multi media artist. After attaining her BFA in Illustration in 1987 at Parsons School of design, she worked as a studio assistant for Willem de Kooning, and started her artistic career as a social expressionist. Sketchbook in hand, she incessantly drew people in public places, which she translated in paintings and sculptures. 

Mary Jaeger draws on years of study and work in Japan and SE Asia. She is an entrepreneur well known for her timeless textile designs using shaped-resist dyeing and manipulation techniques, mindful of sustainability and circular fashion.

Claudia Tordini uses mixed media to bring the many dimensions of human experiences to life. She is particularly focused on including art as a powerful tool of communication and learning in non-traditional areas. 

Roseline Koener is an international artist, creative educator and the founder of Pine
Street Creative Lab in Philadelphia. Pine Street Creative Lab is a unique space
designed to reignite people’s creative fire, foster collective learning, and support the
actualization of each individual’s unique gifts and life mission.

Belgian born artist Dominique de Cock began her career in Brussels exhibiting giant pastel drawings of dogs and elephants, works that grappled with the duality of nature’s wisdom and the banality of daily life. 


At Pine Street Creative Lab, we support the actualization of each individual’s creative mission of the heart through collective action.

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